Scary definitions

When one dotcom is acquired by another dotcom, the most worrying part is seeing corporate language instead of casual human language. Recently Flickr was acquired by SmugMug (who?). They say if you use our products today, in the middle of slaky chatty language which is expected to calm users down.

For me it does the opposite. That ‘products’ is like something gruesome they try to hide, but spill out accidentally. Like a guy in business attire with a neck tattoo slightly hanging out of his short collar saying ‘KILLER’.


14 Star Wars Warfare Issues

SW is not just SF, but it also is a warfare movie in many aspects and the warfare is done wrong. Noticeable flaws:

  1. In the world of sentient robots bombers and fighters are manned
  2. The bombers are slow, big and manned. With these characteristics there is no chance for bomber or crew to survive a mission. Each mission for a bomber crew is the last one. I can imagine there are better ways to deliver explosives to the enemy.
  3. FTL-equipped fighters do not kamikaze-hit star destroyers, do not FTL out of battle
  4. Walking robots are still used despite of their slowness and instability
  5. Walking robots have terrible fire precision
  6. All the stationery weapons have terrible precision. Auto-cannons miss, fighter miss. In the world with sentient robotics I expect to have sentient never-miss cannons
  7. Captain’s bridge is located on outer hull where it gets destroyed with a single rocket, not in the very most secure inside of the ship.
  8. Snoke’s guard is equipped with melee weapons only. No drones, no blasters.
  9. Dreadnought gives terribly lot of time while being attacked instead of giving full firepower to both Rebel Cruiser and the bas at the same time. The entire rebel fleet could be destroyed in a matter of seconds
  10. Jedi’s never use blasters. Why? Imagine laser blaster equilibrium-style gun katta with occasional light-saber close combat
  11. Snoke is too easy too kill for all-powerful guy
  12. Rebel’s escort ships which ran out of fuel just drifted to be destroyed. With no personnel transfer to mothership. No kamikaze attack on enemy. No FTL leap of faith. Ship sacrifice is the worst thing to do in this situation
  13. Empire never unleashes full firepower on approaching enemy (last planet fight with junk  vehicles) and even allows Finn to almost sacrifice himself. This is unbelievable with the empire firepower on site
  14. Nobody expects kamikaze attacks regardless to their possibility and threat. No Star Destroyer covers Snoke mothership before it gets mauled with the rebel cruiser.

I believe there is more combat flaws I didn’t notice.

Keyboard with fingerprint sensor

While MacBook Pro has a fingerprint sensor, no external Apple keyboard has. So I’m force to type my password to login every time. Keep your product line consistent, Apple! – Done

The first ever online course I have started and finished is about startups. It took 3 years on and off. I think i can name the approach as lazy persistence.

On MacBook Pro 2017 Slowness

I have 13′ with touch bar. It’s slow at times. It’s mostly visible when switching between virtual desktops or doing Expose effect. This frame skipping really kills the experience of a fast PC, especially if you switched from a decent Windows 10 machine.

I was suspecting it’s because Intel Iris video card. Then I decided to test other MacBooks. I tried MacBook Pro 2017 15′, iMac, Mac Pro. Guess what. they all are slow. They all skip frames on Expose and virtual desktops switching.

It’s surely not a hardware limitation but somehow a software one. Was it the case in Pre-Sierra MACs?

The most confusive ‘Operation success’ message



I love ID Software website for being unchanged for as long as I remember it. It looks vintage nowadays, but it’s a good vintage, the same kind as old city districts in Europe.

I made a screenshot of Q2 system requirements for additional nostalgia to the rest who do no enjoy the design alone as much as I do.


On web design

A well-designed and strictly written page about web design practices

Math something

Few years ago I found an interesting pattern, playing with some programming algorithm. I am not sure if I defined the pattern well in terms of math language, despite I was trying to be as close as possible. The hypothesis is:

A sum of all members of consecutive natural odd numbers set equals to amount of set members squared.


Set Amount of set members Sum of set members Formula
1 1 1 1 = 1 ^ 1
1,3 2 4 1 + 3 = 2 ^ 2
1,3,5 3 9 1 + 3 + 5 = 3 ^ 2
1,3,5,7 4 16 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 4 ^ 2
1,3,5,7,9 5 25 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 = 5 ^ 2

Let’s prove the pattern works for any set by mathematical induction.


For n = 1 is true:


Suppose that:


We need to show that:



What proves the Hypothesis. I am totally sure the thing proven is something simple and very fundamental, but I still hope, I’m the first who discovered it:) I also hope there is practical application for it. Unfortunately, I’m mathematically ignorant and I have no clue on what the above means.

Another Beautiful Data Center Photos

Another set of DC-pics. This time from Russian local search engine Yandex.

yandex data center

yandex data center

yandex data center

Some more pictures are available here.