On MacBook Pro 2017 Slowness

I have 13′ with touch bar. It’s slow at times. It’s mostly visible when switching between virtual desktops or doing Expose effect. This frame skipping really kills the experience of a fast PC, especially if you switched from a decent Windows 10 machine.

I was suspecting it’s because Intel Iris video card. Then I decided to test other MacBooks. I tried MacBook Pro 2017 15′, iMac, Mac Pro. Guess what. they all are slow. They all skip frames on Expose and virtual desktops switching.

It’s surely not a hardware limitation but somehow a software one. Was it the case in Pre-Sierra MACs?

The most confusive ‘Operation success’ message



I love ID Software website for being unchanged for as long as I remember it. It looks vintage nowadays, but it’s a good vintage, the same kind as old city districts in Europe.

I made a screenshot of Q2 system requirements for additional nostalgia to the rest who do no enjoy the design alone as much as I do.


On web design

A well-designed and strictly written page about web design practices

Math something

Few years ago I found an interesting pattern, playing with some programming algorithm. I am not sure if I defined the pattern well in terms of math language, despite I was trying to be as close as possible. The hypothesis is:

A sum of all members of consecutive natural odd numbers set equals to amount of set members squared.


Set Amount of set members Sum of set members Formula
1 1 1 1 = 1 ^ 1
1,3 2 4 1 + 3 = 2 ^ 2
1,3,5 3 9 1 + 3 + 5 = 3 ^ 2
1,3,5,7 4 16 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 4 ^ 2
1,3,5,7,9 5 25 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 = 5 ^ 2

Let’s prove the pattern works for any set by mathematical induction.


For n = 1 is true:


Suppose that:


We need to show that:



What proves the Hypothesis. I am totally sure the thing proven is something simple and very fundamental, but I still hope, I’m the first who discovered it:) I also hope there is practical application for it. Unfortunately, I’m mathematically ignorant and I have no clue on what the above means.

Another Beautiful Data Center Photos

Another set of DC-pics. This time from Russian local search engine Yandex.

yandex data center

yandex data center

yandex data center

Some more pictures are available here.

ZOMG TEH white!

Hello dear RSS readers and others who never saw my front page. It’s time for prayer. Dark lord Tiamat changed his homepage design to… white colors! New design is approved by muslim, orthodox, mormon and satanic churches, is holy, is awesome, finds water, contains positive energy flows, brings luck to every visitor (share links). Dear readers, do you like it?


1. My life fucking changed irreversibly
2. I’ve got my first silver hair on my head at the age of 23
3. Gnome 3 is so bad that KDE 4 seems to be flying with desktop effects enabled after it
4. I’ve started cycling and jogging
5. Time to stop forbidding myself beer, coffee and RSS. I already forgot the reason for the activities to be banned.

Epic Return

I am cross posting to my abandoned lj since the previous post. If you have a livejournal account, feel free to add me as a friend.

Ever since I left to standalone I have lost all the commentators. Eventually, standalone blogging does not seem to attract neither readers nor commentators. I hope a dead body of my blogging can be resurrected to a nice attractive zombie.

Brief dump

I wanted to write a separate article about every small topic here, but who cares?

  1. I have obtained socp service hipath 4000. A bit of new theoretical knowledge. Easy to pass – take the admission test for some 50 times with learning the questions and the certification is yours. I believe the same applies to all SEN certifications. All questions are deduced from the SOCP service hipath 4000 study guide. You can learn this one too.
  2. I have wrote another processing app for my latter higher degree. Circle and line coupling ( Source | demo)
  3. I have written solution to the easiest facebook puzzle. All puzzles are available here, my solution – here. It’s not submitted yet. I do not have enough guts.
  4. I was questioned if I am under 18 while buying some vodka today. I’m proud I look under 18 for some ppl.
  5. A piece of wisdom: It’s better to have a rotten liver, than a rotten brain. The bad part is latter is an effect of liver diseases.