On MacBook Pro 2017 Slowness

I have 13′ with touch bar. It’s slow at times. It’s mostly visible when switching between virtual desktops or doing Expose effect. This frame skipping really kills the experience of a fast PC, especially if you switched from a decent Windows 10 machine.

I was suspecting it’s because Intel Iris video card. Then I decided to test other MacBooks. I tried MacBook Pro 2017 15′, iMac, Mac Pro. Guess what. they all are slow. They all skip frames on Expose and virtual desktops switching.

It’s surely not a hardware limitation but somehow a software one. Was it the case in Pre-Sierra MACs?

  • hshhhhh

    it probably related to that ‘amazing’ retina resolution.

    btw, i hate all kind of UI animations because just in case it works fast — i have to WAIT anyway. so disable them and you will have fast pc ;)

    • Same on my side. Animations steal your time. It’s easy to disable all of them in W10. It also created amazingly fast UI response on machines with fast SSDs. Instant, literally. Looks like there is no native way to disable animations on OSx. There are some hacks, but I do not trust hacks.

      • hshhhhh

        it so beatiful why do you want to disable it. Enjoy your macbook!