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My 2018

Tiamat’s cultural postulate #1

There is a saying by Arthur Clarke: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Contrary to that, I postulate

Any sufficiently advanced culture is indistinguishable from madness

The idea behind is that a common person perceives other person’s social behaviour as normal only if it resembles his behaviour. and deviation is perceived as weirdness. Moreover, and significantly advanced deviation, caused by complex cultural behaviour is upgraded from weird to crazy.

Cultural trait of accepting any deviation from observer’s culture is very rare, it exists in a few cultures and few personalities. Moreover, acceptance seems to be forced in a human mind each time weirdness is encountered, because social acceptance is part of animalistic social habits of human mind we can control only with will. Naturally, human mind evaluates every person’s behaviour on account of belonging or not belonging to the observer’s group. When deviation is noticed, a mind labels the deviant as outsider or potential enemy.

With no having acceptance hardcoded in our brains, default reaction for deviant behaviour is mostly labeled as stupid, inferior, hostile depending on actual cultural differences. Only culturally matured, intelligent and will-powered minority possess the ability to accept deviant habits of others.