Hardware Review

Something i never posted about is my obsession with computer performance. The rig I introduce you to is an epitome of hi-end laptop tiredness and my sober times during early covid lockdowns savior. I’ve spent around 120 hours overclocking my silicone lottery looser CPU, trying to get all-core 5Ghz, but never quite achieved stability. Over 150 attempts on BIOS settings. Settled on 4.9 Ghz, until I got hopeful again and spent roughly the same time again, gave up, and did it yet again like 5 times. Maybe pint of whiskey every day would be less harmful to my well-being than this.

The rig was initially quipped with 2080ti, which got upgraded to 3080ti as soon as it was affordable after crypto craze. Not soon enough. Nevertheless, my 25 kg setup serves me well, shines nice RGB and still works as a charm. Yet some dark desire creeps in me. the desire to experience the top fucking performance. And this year’s hardware releases are very, very seductive.

End of 2022 is nice in terms of new hardware releases: 13th gen of Intel CPUs, 14th Gen of Nvidia GPUs with a huge performance gain over prev gen, DDR5, much faster SSDs (shme no PCI x5 are out yet). Upgrades anticipated. So for history, my setup and its performance today needs to be recorded for future me for nostalgia purposes. upgrades are UNEVITABLE

Compute and graphics are represented with
– Intel 9900k, overclocked 4.9 Ghz on all cores
– 32 GB DDR4 RAM at 3600Mhz
– 3090Ti with AIO

For storage, I have
– 380 GB of Intel 905p for OS
– 2x 1 GB Samsung 970 EVO in raid 0 for performance sensitive data
– 1x 10 TB HDD for media and backups

CPU Performance

Graphics Performance

And just for the record, other stuff
– 1200 KW PSU
– Lian-li enclosure
– QLED 1440p 240Hz screen (Odyssey G7)
– Maximus Extreme IX motherboard (will not go this top again)