Cisco is Good

After I passed my CCNA Security certification I was suppose to receive 2 papers: the CCNA certificate and a CNSS 4011 recognition. I’ve received the latter one only. I waited for months for the first one but I never received it.

Being sure I’ll never receive the expected certificate, I referred to cisco certification support persuading them to resend me the certificate because it was lost under the circumstances I could neither control nor influence. I didn’t have a hope to make them resend the certificate to me, but I decided to insist a bit. After a week of letters exchange they agreed to give me a PDF certificate for free, after 3 weeks of letters exchange they agreed to send me a paper version for free. After another month I finally received the desired package. Imagine, they could just just deny my request blaming me in lie or on behalf of some other reasons, but they didn’t, they believed me and fulfilled my request. Good, eh?

Finding repeating lines in a text file

Today I learned how to find all repeating lines in a text file. My goal was to find out all lines in a text which repeat more than once. A dirty, but efficient way is using sort(8) and uniq(8) combination (thanks to my boss for a pointer).

$ sort /var/log/messages | uniq -d

Do not try to pass a file directly to uniq(8) unless it is sorted. Uniq(8) can find only adjacent equal lines. If you think lines are randomly dispersed throughout the file, uniq will not return correct result. Be careful.

University. Secondary Degree Obtained.

My diploma is blue what means I’ve completed my education without honors and outstanding results. The logo on the diploma in my hands is different from the logo in the picture. My diploma has a double-headed eagle on the front, which is heraldic of Russian Federation. In the picture you can see the heraldic of Soviet Union. The picture shows outdated heraldic to symbolize that our education is outdated.

My secondary degree is “Information Systems Engineer”.

Beautiful data center – source found

Recent wiki leaks scandal unexpectedly revealed me the source of cave data center pictures shown in the previous post about data centers.

It’s Pionen DC. It’s placed in a bomb shelter carved in a real rock mountains. Rumors say it can survive nuclear bomb explosion. It’s awesome. 3D panoramas of the DC can be found here.

Microsoft RDP client. Error: the operation completed successfully

One of the most contradictory error messages I’ve ever seen. Courtesy of Microsoft.

Dreaming about space. Again

Nobody ever listens to my forecasts, but space is close. I beleive.

Dreaming about space

As a dreamer, I have a great desire to live up to the moment when humanity will have ability to fly to space on routine basis. Like most of us have free access to driving, like many of us have access to piloting planes (underused though). I am dreaming that a day will come when I’ll fly to the orbit myself on my personal spacecraft and watch the Earth from outer space. I believe that day will come. It’s possible, it’s close! Forget about your scepsis! Just look at the picture! There is a man who shot the cabin of the spaceship he drove, and there is an Earth behind the window. Don’t you trust in space availability? Watch the picture again. The technology is there. Soon it’ll be public and affordable.

I hate VMware server

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] /usr/src/kernels/

The directory of kernel headers (version @@VMWARE@@ UTS_RELEASE) does not match
your running kernel (version  Even if the module were
to compile successfully, it would not load into the running kernel.

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] ^C
[root@hp ~]# uname -r


That is my team I have played paintball with. There are two girls one of them Is blond. Guess who?

Fedora 13. Is. Out.


Two coolest features I’ve noticed hacking around the beta are easy LVM voluming, out-of-box partitions encryption and… Minimal installation mode! Nothing extra, just kernel, shell and drivers. No overload, no dependency added shit. No words can describe best Linux in the world. Download it!