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The UNIX and Internet Fundamentals Howto

Being quite *nix experienced, I do not hesitate to go through some tutorials for beginners every now and then. It is a pleasure to discover a pieces fo fundamental wisdom hidden there. I want to explicitly remark that a hidden pieces if wisdom can be found only in *NIX tutorials. Most likely because the tutorials are written by a hackers in love in a subject they write about. If you want to know the difference, try to read some Microsoft books written by a so-called technical writers for money. The difference is notable.

Recently I went through The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO by Eric Raymond. That one is exceptionally good for a beginners. I’ll explain why. The structure of the tutorial’s content delivery is organized in a way every computer introduction should be organized. It starts from a low level and goes to an upper ones. But it’s not about a piece of some hardware or software in an imaginary or omitted infrastructure, it is about the infrastructure in a whole. A pieces of an infrastructure are not described in detail but their role is described. Instead, the tutorial describes the Internet as a whole. It concentrates on the pieces’ interrelation to each other and describes their relations in a detailed, but clear way. And it’s short. It’s takes for about 2-5 hours of reading.

If you have any gaps in your understanding of the patterns of computers and/or Internet operation, you must read it. Normally, it should build a picture out of a jigsaw puzzle for anybody interested. I highly recommend to bookmark the tutorial and to offer it to any fried of yours who is willing to learn more. It is strictly recommended to the ones who suddenly decided to install Ubuntu.

Linux Tutorials for Newbies

When you learn something using practical approach, you can miss small fundamental bits of information. The bits can be useful or useless, but it’s always good to know them. That is the reason I scroll through many Linux tutorials every now and then. Most of them are casual, but I have to highlight a gem I recently found: the Linux basics from Daniel Robbins. They are perfectly structured and there were some points I missed during my self-education.

The articles in Linux Fundamentals series are focused on Linux basics and position themselves as tutorial for preparation to LPI exams. I wouldn’t consider the tutorials as robust exam preparation guide – exam topics are wider than the ones discussed in tutorial. But tutorials are still very good. They are written in a very good easy language with nice input of nerd humour.





There are few more topic oriented tutorials written by Daniel, like BASH, SED, AWK guides. There is a file system guide for the ones who does not know which file system to choose . I’m too lazy to publish all direct link to the articles here. Just open http://www.funtoo.org/ page and scroll down. You’ll find all you need.