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How to find an IP address geolocation?

http://www.infosniper.net/ will tell you.

Gnuplot solid background on SVG terminal

It was quite hard to google it out. Sharing!

[codesyntax lang=”gnuplot”]

set terminal svg

set object 1 rect from screen 0, 0, 0 to screen 1, 1, 0 behind
set object 1 rect fc  rgb "white"  fillstyle solid 1.0


Beautiful Palette Generator.

Sometimes a task to design a simple web page arises. First step is designing layout of site. Second step is designing color palette. For me personally it is always a most complicated step which can be accomplished with an external help only. Lately I found a beautiful helper – http://colorschemedesigner.com/.

Color Scheme Designer

It simply does everything. You just need to choose a color and color layout type. The rest will be done by software. It will offer you to adjust layout, to see sample designs on HTML page, to export designs in several formats and make you coffee. I recommend.