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Lingvo dictionaries in Linux. Stardict way.

There is a version of Lingvo dictionaries for Stardict available on the net. I do not think it’s legal, so do not forget to purchase you Lingvo license before proceeding with the following instructions.

At first, install stardict and archiver:

yum -y install stardict p7zip

At second, download the dictionaries. Beware that original Lingvo dictionaries shipped with product will not work. You have to use special ones“.
Copy downloaded folders to /usr/share/stardict/dic. Now unpack them:

 cd /usr/share/stardict/dic; 7za e \*.7Z;

You’ll get a list of files and dirs. dirs are not needed, delete them:

for dir in *; do if [ -d $dir ]; then rm -rf $dir; fi  done

At last, kill all instances of Stardict and star one up. Go to “Manage dictionaries”: you shall see a list of added dictionaries there. If you see no any new dictionary, it means you have done something wrong. Go to the second tab (Manage Dict), choose query dict group, press [+] button, select all available (needed to you) dictionaries and press enter. Now you have to have the full list of dictionaries searchable.
Test it. Enjoy.