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Beautiful data center – source found

Recent wiki leaks scandal unexpectedly revealed me the source of cave data center pictures shown in the previous post about data centers.

It’s Pionen DC. It’s placed in a bomb shelter carved in a real rock mountains. Rumors say it can survive nuclear bomb explosion. It’s awesome. 3D panoramas of the DC can be found here.

Beautiful data center

Recently I’ve seen several pictures of a new Microsoft’s data center. I do not know which DC is it, where it’s located, etc. But the DC interior is unusually beautiful. I’m not sure whether it really looks so impressive in real life as it does in the pictures – probably it’s some photographic effect like HDR, or long exposure or something I have no idea about. But if it’s not, that is the most beautiful server room I can Imagine. I’d like to get a chance to work in so inspirational environment.

I did not manage to figure out the real source of the pictures, so I’ll ink to cnet.

And, as a bonus, I want to share photos of some ISP, which decided to build their DC in the cave or shaft or similar environment.

On the left picture in the bottom we can see racks