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WordPress as a Perfect Livejournal Backup Tool.

I have a livejournal account. Being system administrator, I am concerned about backup. But oops! Built-in livejournal backup tool is a mess. The tool tries to be as much inconvenient as possible. It allows you to export posts for a period of one month at once only. For a perin of one month only. ONE MONTH ONLY.

I’ve been looking around for another utility to backup my journal. Useless. None of them worked for me in a proper convenient way. No, my demands were not impossible to satisfy. I wanted to import posts only. No comments, no visibility – only texts. I gave up and did my backup using native tool (arggh).

Greet the savior! Ave WordPress! It can import all your livejournal including hidden posts and all comments with a status of their visibility. You’d say, ok I have imported it. What is next? Well, you can stop at this point. If you used WordPress.com, you can keep private copy of your livejournal, or you can hide all posts and use wordpress.com as your online storage (security!).

I’m not done yet. You can export your wordpress contents as XML file. And if it contains you livejournal copy, you already understand me, don’t you? Yes, it’s Profit.