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Про приход и становление Интернета в России

Наткнулся на статью-биографию коопертива, которые подключил Россию к Интернет в далеком 1989 году. Он же продвигал первый русский Юникс (или один из первых). Рекомендую увлекательнейшее чтение.


Ode to my beloved hosting provider

Complaint about any kind of service providers is a very popular topic indeed. I was resistant enough to it unless I experienced it. I used to work with several Russian hosting providers in the past and they all were crap. They had only two disadvantages: their panels lacked usability and downtime was visible by unarmed eye – without any monitoring. Rumors and experience, accumulated together killed any hope of mine to get a “good” hosting provider.

The only hosting provider I ever paid for is Dreamhost.com. I’ve been skeptical about this and remained skeptical despite I had no problems with it. All my skepticism was instantly cruelly teared apart after I’ve read their official Dreamhost blog after almost a year of using their service. The guys working there are real creative hackers. In fact, they write in a free speech  language in their official blog about company life and achievements. It’s not stupid B2B style, not even B2C style. It’s something completely new – H2H and H2P in the same time. I recommend you to discover these people and their life on official Dreamhost blog.

Disclaimer: no, They did not pay to me for that. It’s my own free opinion. Their approach to Halloween costume: