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Enabling LifeSize Icon 600 to work with LifeSize cloud

1. There are 7 apparently secret IP addresses for gateways. They are not shared publicly and are provided by your vendor. Outbound connections must be allowed.

2. Only outbound flows to the Internet have to be remitted. Inbound are not necessary, despite listed in the official documentation

3. Apart of 7 gateway hosts, additional outbound connections should be opened to the following hosts








How check what have caused failover on PIX or ASA

The failover is determined by execution of the following command

pix# show failover state

State Last Failure Reason Date/Time
This host - Primary
Active Ifc Failure 13:23:27 MET Aug 17 2012
Other host - Secondary
Standby Ready Ifc Failure 08:23:57 MET Aug 14 2012

====Configuration State===
Sync Done
Sync Done - STANDBY
====Communication State===
Mac set

You should observe FW log to check the reason of failover. Failover can be casued by User changes, software bugs and so on.

egrep '(\(Primary\)|User|Traceback)' pix.log

Otherwise, you can inverts search by excluding other info

egrep -v '(Built|Teardown|Deny|UDP|No tr|URL|No rou|TCP|ICMP|icmp|FTP|ARP)' pix.log