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Installing Windows XP After Fedora 9

This text describes, how I installed Windows XP after Fedora 9. This is not a how-to. That is more a description of my experience in solving this problem. If you are going to try the same using this text, I am not responsible for any of your actions. Be extremely careful, when you are working with partitions. You may easily loose all your data.

Tools Needed.
You will need a Windows Installation CD and your Linux disto-cd ( dvd ). Also you may need some Linux liveCD – in my case I had to use Mandriva 2008 Spring One LiveCD.

Cleaning up my PC last time, I removed slow Mandriva and decided to switch back to Fedora. Also, I had in mind that soon I will have to start my final year project, which is going to be Windows-based. So, I left unpartitioned space on my HD to install Windows there later on. A week ago I found a piece of free time which I used to complete my PC maintenance. When I was asked to choose a partition for Windows, it appeared, that Windows installer could not create partition in unpartitioned space of my HD. It said, that it “Setup unable to create a partition – partition table is full”. I was surprised a lot, and I had to explore from another direction. Obviously, partition had to be created in Linux, to give a chance to dummy Windows installer to copy its proprietary files somewhere. I booted up my Linux back and started the show.
At first, I needed to know, which exact layout does my hard drive have.

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