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Suddenly, update

Real life experience have indicated that maintaining 2 blogs on separate domains with separate blog engines is useless time wasting. Maintaining  took more time that actual content production, despite it was planned opposite. I had planned to create highly distributed web site which is easy to maintain. But I ended up fighting with WordPress updates and administrative obligations. So my “highly distributed easy maintainable site” got a slave, wasting time maintaining the site. Fed up, I killed my master, took his content and mixed it in united blog.


Since now this site will be updated in two languages – English and Russian. All computer-related thematic will be in English since now. All diary-like, linguistic and discourse records will be in Russian. For those who is interested in some specific posts (anybody?) , there is opportunity to subscribe to any category individually. But I kindly advise everyone to subscribe to full feed. English-learning is included for free.


I will no longer use standard templates. I have almost accomplished last version of my personal design. Soon i’ll move it to WP template and everyone will be happy. Specially, me.

New design will be simple end geeky-like.


All RSS will go through feedburner. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG YET. I didn’t pass feeds through Feedburner yet. List of feeds will be announced later.


No any attempt to anonymize myself. My name is Evzhenkov Svyatoslav and I am in charge of every piece of content published here. Haters (anybody?) might suck my dick.


Again, I’ll try to write as much as possible. Currently, most topics I want to write about are discarded due to lack of time. I promise not to do that.


OpenID, and other useful stuff is already coming. Implementation will be announced shortly.