1. My life fucking changed irreversibly
2. I’ve got my first silver hair on my head at the age of 23
3. Gnome 3 is so bad that KDE 4 seems to be flying with desktop effects enabled after it
4. I’ve started cycling and jogging
5. Time to stop forbidding myself beer, coffee and RSS. I already forgot the reason for the activities to be banned.

  • on #3: check my blog for a number of posts to deal with this issue. Currently I am under Gnome with fallback mode on, looks somehow ok.
    on #5: welcome back ;-)

  • T1

    #3 – fuck it. KDE4 for now, planning to move to awesome. My hardware is a way too old for new desktop environments
    #5 – Glad to be back

  • Alexander Akenov

    Now, time to add a new point in your the summary. I wait full explain of your feelings =)

  • Soon…

  • Я плотно пересел на Арч и DWM, в качестве window manager, брат жив.
    Покажи, что за велик

  • t1

    Такой же, как на картинке:

  • t1
  • me

    I’d recommend Trinity Desktop Environment. Works perfectly on my slow netbook and is bleezingly fast. I tried KDE4 and GNOME 3 and both scared the hell out of me. Slow, buggy and bloated.

  • T1

    I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for advice.