Real productivity metric

The real way to assess both person’s workload and productivity is to analyze his email and get ratio of incoming emails overall divided by emails containing reminding clauses such as ‘kind reminder’, ‘is it done yet’, ‘what is the status’ etc. The higher the better. works best with remote environments where emails is the primary communication medium.

productivity = overall emails / reminders


  1. Bob received 30 emails, out of them 5 are reminders. Bob’s workload is 30, productivity is 30/5 = 6
  2. Jon received 75 emails, 25 reminders. Jon’s workload is 75, productivity is 75/25 = 3
  3. Satish received 30 emails, just 3 reminders. 30/3 = 10.
  4. DemiGod got 45 emails and just 1 reminder, 45/1 = 45

So if you sort people lowest to highest, you may see the delayers right away. then you glance on their workload. if the workload is low as well as productivity is, the person could be laid off instantly with no required replacement. High workload, low productivity – time to duplicate the position. High workload and high productivity could be promotion material.