Inventions of The Egypt Revolution: Web-based Riots Coordination

I am continuing to share my impressions about the current revolution in Egypt.  Another invention of it – online riots coordination. It has been originated in Tunisia, where riots were coordinated via Twitter. In Egypt it went a step forward. As I understood from the public information sources, all kinds of social web services were involved into the information exchange.

Previously, proper coordination was available to an army and a governments only, but now with Web 2.0 it became available to everybody. It is a big step forward towards expansion of the ordinary people’s power, bringing more possibilities of delegating a power to people and cutting power from a government. More precisely, it’s a big possibility to make a big step towards democratic society.

Currently the importance of the Web is seen by the governments all over the world. Hence, I expect more control over the Web. The authorities are taking over the Web for a while already, and they’ll continue. Currently web became a subject of a real hazard to public authority, hence I expect raising degree of control over the Internet. I do not even know in which way yet.

Talking about web in this way, It is hard not to mention that Internet and Web particularly are greatest tools of providing freedom to people. Everybody has to protect the freedom of the Web as his own freedom.