Inventions of The Egypt Revolution: Leader-free Revolution.

First time in the history, the revolution was not inspired by a charismatic leader, but was a result of discussions on the web. Growing dissatisfaction of Egyptian people was published in their blogs and heavily discussed, until exploded. The decision to go to the streets was taken on-line on a Fecebook and heavily supported.

Another distinctive property of the Egypt revolution is a social class who moved the activities. The revolution was initially made not by a working class, but a middle class. Firstly, it’s unusual for well-satisfied middle class to rage against the existing social system. Secondly, the whole picture of a middle class having no leader inspiring army and a working class to make revolution looks much more wise and fair than a dictated working class throwing down existing government to set their authority-desiring leader.

It reveals a whole new hope for a brand new social culture, when countries are ruled by decentralized well-educated society instead of dictators. By the way, this is called Democracy. Feel the difference to current forms of social orders called “Democracies” (hello, US, privet Russia).