Brief dump

I wanted to write a separate article about every small topic here, but who cares?

  1. I have obtained socp service hipath 4000. A bit of new theoretical knowledge. Easy to pass – take the admission test for some 50 times with learning the questions and the certification is yours. I believe the same applies to all SEN certifications. All questions are deduced from the SOCP service hipath 4000 study guide. You can learn this one too.
  2. I have wrote another processing app for my latter higher degree. Circle and line coupling ( Source | demo)
  3. I have written solution to the easiest facebook puzzle. All puzzles are available here, my solution – here. It’s not submitted yet. I do not have enough guts.
  4. I was questioned if I am under 18 while buying some vodka today. I’m proud I look under 18 for some ppl.
  5. A piece of wisdom: It’s better to have a rotten liver, than a rotten brain. The bad part is latter is an effect of liver diseases.