How to find an IP address geolocation? will tell you.

Записки разработчика

В сети случайно наткнулся на прекрасный олдскульный сайт о погоде в Петрозаводске с еще более прекрасной и олдскульной историей его создания. История захватывает и погружает во времена ностальгии по началу цифровых времен, которые я еще не застал ввиду молодости. Чем-то напоминает записки тестировщика, но без распиздяйства, безответственности и алкоголизма.

Приложу скрин, пока сайт не потерялся в пучине времен, все-таки старенький, уже 20 лет почти. В интернете мало что так долго живет.


On MacBook Pro 2017 Slowness

I have 13′ with touch bar. It’s slow at times. It’s mostly visible when switching between virtual desktops or doing Expose effect. This frame skipping really kills the experience of a fast PC, especially if you switched from a decent Windows 10 machine.

I was suspecting it’s because Intel Iris video card. Then I decided to test other MacBooks. I tried MacBook Pro 2017 15′, iMac, Mac Pro. Guess what. they all are slow. They all skip frames on Expose and virtual desktops switching.

It’s surely not a hardware limitation but somehow a software one. Was it the case in Pre-Sierra MACs?

Scary time

I live in the most scary epoch ever. All historical data, pictures, footages are at my fingertips. Since the era of photography started, humanity have pretty much documented the entire 20th century and uploaded it online. Two clicks away from the curious me.

Every time I see a photo from 19xxs, I try to understand where it stands compared to my lifetime. Ok, this is 1993’s coup on Moscow. Happened during my lifetime, I was very young. These Star Wars behind on stage photos were taken in 197os, when my mom and dad were as young as I am now. 2 lifetimes of mine ago. The actors look so young in the photos but they’re old or dead now. Or look at these WWII soldiers, they all have died of age by now. What about these SR71 pilots, who are practically space pioneers. Most likely all dead of finishing their lives.

Ability to compare and to visualise individual’s history constantly reminds me how really short my active lifespan is. It’s feels like the best years are between my 20s and 40s where half of 20s perished. Time after 40 feels like slowing down and less valuable compared young decades. Youth, energy and beauty seem to be no longer there even for Hollywood start in their 40s. Sadly, there are only 2 young decades when you have your body not declining.

It’s easy not to pay attention to this given that you are not reminded about how short other people lives are. I believe it was easier before the information era, because there was at least less information available for an average individual, thus less reminders. I think it was easier to live your life back then. When the shortness of life was less obvious.

Screen Scraping

I have learned a new term

Screen scraping – analyzing CLI outputs and responses via script connected to the CLI

Process approvals

Some processes have a long cycle of approvals which are delaying the final task execution. The delay is disturbing, while some people might miss an approval which restarts the process from the start. It complicates and delays execution dramatically.

The wrong part is that an approver has no any accountability on giving or not giving an approval.

The correct way to collect approvals is approvals by default. If an approver or substitute fails to review a task and give the approval within a pre-agreed period of time (1 BD is fine for most of the cases), the task is approved by default and the process moves forward. If any damage caused by giving approval by default, the approver who failed to review a task, assumes full accountability for the damage.

This way forces every an approver to be personally interested in giving the approval while keeping process execution quick.

The most confusive ‘Operation success’ message


MAB plugin for Windows NPS

My colleague has developed a MAB solution for Windows NPS.

Solution home post.

Muse – Drones

The Drones is totally enjoyable. The sound returned to be similar to their 2000’s albums and moved away from their failure albums ‘The 2nd Law’ and ‘The Resistance’. Drones is fully packed with tooth-breaking songs, I’m sure more than 50% will become hits. It’s been a while since I enjoyed so many songs from a single disk. Most of them are a great quality.

I have additionally enjoyed their reference to Qubric’s Full Metal Jacket. It’s entertaining to see one art piece I love to refer to another art piece I love. Great Job, Muse!


The Martian

The book is not for everyone, but science and engineering nerds would surely enjoy it. It tells the story of a botanist Mark Watney being stranded on mars and his journey to escape (or not :) the planet. He is doing all the weird crazy science and duct tape engineering to make his escape possible, fighting the odds of uncertainty on his way home.

The book’s science seems to be error-less for a casual sci-fi lover. Engineering and stage setup for the books’s action seems to be organized in such a way, the the action hero was supplied by all the necessary resources to make his escape only. There is a series of events which would almost kill Mark, bit now. And yes, there is always a workaround possible with only few resources brought to Mars with him. There are about 7 of them and I stopped trusting real-life positive outcome on about 3rd. Real-life entropy is much more unexpected and deadly. Mark had more odds to die from diarrhea than surviving all the mayhem he’s being through.

Reading science and engineering is mostly joy. Although he ratio of science/action book’s content is about 90/10 which makes it boring at times. You wish to move action forward while being  stuck with some crafting scenario.

If you like to know how to escape Mars with Duct tape and disco music, the book is for you.