Dreaming about space

As a dreamer, I have a great desire to live up to the moment when humanity will have ability to fly to space on routine basis. Like most of us have free access to driving, like many of us have access to piloting planes (underused though). I am dreaming that a day will come when I’ll fly to the orbit myself on my personal spacecraft and watch the Earth from outer space. I believe that day will come. It’s possible, it’s close! Forget about your scepsis! Just look at the picture! There is a man who shot the cabin of the spaceship he drove, and there is an Earth behind the window. Don’t you trust in space availability? Watch the picture again. The technology is there. Soon it’ll be public and affordable.

I hate VMware server

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] /usr/src/kernels/

The directory of kernel headers (version @@VMWARE@@ UTS_RELEASE) does not match
your running kernel (version  Even if the module were
to compile successfully, it would not load into the running kernel.

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include] ^C
[root@hp ~]# uname -r


That is my team I have played paintball with. There are two girls one of them Is blond. Guess who?

Fedora 13. Is. Out.


Two coolest features I’ve noticed hacking around the beta are easy LVM voluming, out-of-box partitions encryption and… Minimal installation mode! Nothing extra, just kernel, shell and drivers. No overload, no dependency added shit. No words can describe best Linux in the world. Download it!

Ode to my beloved hosting provider

Complaint about any kind of service providers is a very popular topic indeed. I was resistant enough to it unless I experienced it. I used to work with several Russian hosting providers in the past and they all were crap. They had only two disadvantages: their panels lacked usability and downtime was visible by unarmed eye – without any monitoring. Rumors and experience, accumulated together killed any hope of mine to get a “good” hosting provider.

The only hosting provider I ever paid for is I’ve been skeptical about this and remained skeptical despite I had no problems with it. All my skepticism was instantly cruelly teared apart after I’ve read their official Dreamhost blog after almost a year of using their service. The guys working there are real creative hackers. In fact, they write in a free speech  language in their official blog about company life and achievements. It’s not stupid B2B style, not even B2C style. It’s something completely new – H2H and H2P in the same time. I recommend you to discover these people and their life on official Dreamhost blog.

Disclaimer: no, They did not pay to me for that. It’s my own free opinion. Their approach to Halloween costume:

Beautiful data center

Recently I’ve seen several pictures of a new Microsoft’s data center. I do not know which DC is it, where it’s located, etc. But the DC interior is unusually beautiful. I’m not sure whether it really looks so impressive in real life as it does in the pictures – probably it’s some photographic effect like HDR, or long exposure or something I have no idea about. But if it’s not, that is the most beautiful server room I can Imagine. I’d like to get a chance to work in so inspirational environment.

I did not manage to figure out the real source of the pictures, so I’ll ink to cnet.

And, as a bonus, I want to share photos of some ISP, which decided to build their DC in the cave or shaft or similar environment.

On the left picture in the bottom we can see racks

Suddenly, update

Real life experience have indicated that maintaining 2 blogs on separate domains with separate blog engines is useless time wasting. Maintaining  took more time that actual content production, despite it was planned opposite. I had planned to create highly distributed web site which is easy to maintain. But I ended up fighting with WordPress updates and administrative obligations. So my “highly distributed easy maintainable site” got a slave, wasting time maintaining the site. Fed up, I killed my master, took his content and mixed it in united blog.


Since now this site will be updated in two languages – English and Russian. All computer-related thematic will be in English since now. All diary-like, linguistic and discourse records will be in Russian. For those who is interested in some specific posts (anybody?) , there is opportunity to subscribe to any category individually. But I kindly advise everyone to subscribe to full feed. English-learning is included for free.


I will no longer use standard templates. I have almost accomplished last version of my personal design. Soon i’ll move it to WP template and everyone will be happy. Specially, me.

New design will be simple end geeky-like.


All RSS will go through feedburner. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG YET. I didn’t pass feeds through Feedburner yet. List of feeds will be announced later.


No any attempt to anonymize myself. My name is Evzhenkov Svyatoslav and I am in charge of every piece of content published here. Haters (anybody?) might suck my dick.


Again, I’ll try to write as much as possible. Currently, most topics I want to write about are discarded due to lack of time. I promise not to do that.


OpenID, and other useful stuff is already coming. Implementation will be announced shortly.

Open source domination

Probably it isn’t too much meaningful, but you will never find yourself playing with such a weirdo thing if you are using MAC OS or Windows. There should be some meaningful words here, but who cares?

Gnuplot with set terminal dumb

Picture is related